How Can I Shape Up My Arms?

I never wear anything sleeveless because of my big upper arms (they make me look big all over). I exercise regularly, and can usually lose inches everywhere, but not my upper arms. I have tried all kinds of things, swinging arms when walking, light weights, all kinds of arm exercises. Nothing seems to work.

To get your arms in shape, you need to get on a good eating plan and do specific exercises for your upper armsĀ  to keep them muscular and defined. Make sure you are doing plenty of aerobic activity too, because as your body fat decreases so will the size of your arms. Often this is one of the last places to lose fat but if you are persistent and patient it will happen for you. The biggest mistake you can make is to get impatient and disappointed when you don’t see results right away.

Maybe you need to concentrate on the muscular shape of your arms, and not just the overall size. It may be genetics that cause you to have larger arms, but you can work on making them look strong, athletic and healthy.

Be sure that you eat plenty of veggies and reduce the amount of starchy foods like breads, pastas and potatoes that you are now eating. Stay away from sodas, which will cause you to retain water, and focus on drinking lots of fresh water to flush out your system and keep from getting dehydrated.

Get to the gym, or exercise class and train your arms with light weights. Make sure your technique is correct so injuries don’t slow you down.

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